With snow coming down in so many areas already, it's time to start thinking about the future... this year could be really bad when it comes to snow and cold weather. Before that terrible weather hits you should get prepared.

Here is a quick checklist of things you may want to double-check before that snow really starts coming down!


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- Check Snow Removal Appliances

Better to check now than to find out something isn't working AFTER a major snowfall. From snowblowers, shovels, or whatever you use. Always check if they are in working condition before the snow starts to fall.

Defocused young man, male in winter coat cleaning, shoveling driveway, street from snow in heavy snowing snowstorm, holding shovel, residential houses, snowflakes falling

- Frozen Pipe Prevention

Check those pipes! Frozen pipes can lead to pipe bursts which are always a struggle. Some key ways to prevent this are: Insulate Pipes, keeping garage doors closed, sealing cracks and openings, and using heating tape.


- How Do Those Tires Look?

After that drastic change in temps are your tires still looking good, or do they need to get filled with air? Brushing up on the best ways to handle driving in the winter is also good. Simple things like assessing your traction and fitting winter tires are always important.

Close-up of car wheels rubber tires in deep winter snow. Transportation and safety concept.

- Don't Forget Your Scraper

Taking the extra time to scrap all windows to provide the best driving situation is always a good idea. Also making sure you have a scraper and brush is a good idea.


- Coat Check

This one is obvious but still important. Make sure your winter coat from last year is still good, double check for broken zippers, or holes. Also making sure you have gloves is always a good thing to double-check as well. If for some reason you get stuck in your car, having those protective layers will be very important!

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These simple checks and precautions could really help out in a sticky situation. Let's stay safe, and make winter 2022 a great one!

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