It's time to get spooky with a ghost story. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not it can be fun to try to scare yourself and others with local legends. If you're a diehard fan of ghosts then you’ve likely heard some of the many haunted tales in Wisconsin.

Today we are looking at an iconic haunting on Highway 66 Bridge.

Floating Ghost Evil Spirit Looking Over Her Shoulder in a Derelict Asylum Hospital
Paul Campbell

Wisconsin Ghost

If you want to see even more ghosts in Wisconsin like the 'BOY SCOUT LANE, STEVENS POINT' you can see more Wisconsin ghosts here.

Now let's look at the most haunted bridge. Again this bridge is officially known as the Highway 66 Bridge, the bridge sits near Jordan Park and has long been associated with a tragic tale. According to Only In Your state, this is the most haunted bridge in the great State Of Wisconsin.

The Haunted Wisconsin Bridge

This bridge is known by many as "Bloody Bride Bridge." The legend is similar to other haunted bridge stories. It all starts with a tragic death. Sources go on to say,

Many years ago, a bridge and a groom crossed over the Highway 66 Bridge on their wedding night... the couple got into a terrible car accident, killing the bride. Not too long after her death, the distraught bride began to wander back and forth on the bridge, still in her bloody wedding gown.

Personally, I think this story sounds a bit generic. Still a great legend.

Many stories say people have seen the blood-strewn ghost of a bride who was killed on her way to her wedding. The Legend even says if she appears in your back seat NOT to look at her rearview mirror.

That part of the legend was started here.

The legend says that a police officer, driving over the bridge, accidentally hit the distraught woman in the middle of the road. He got out of the car to check on her, and. She was gone. He returned to the car to find her in the backseat!

Dmitriy Eremenkov

We love legends with layers... what do you think of this iconic legend?

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