Many states in the Midwest have incredible areas to take a day trip in. Today we are looking at another great day trip in Illinois. This ranking comes from 'Only In Your State.' This Illinois town is known for its walking area, shops, and restaurants.

William Howell

We will be looking at a couple of great spots to visit in Illinois for the day.

My Personal Favorite

Let's start with my personal favorite, and one you have also most likely visited. Galena Illinois is an iconic small town in Illinois. It is a popular travel spot for many of us.


I took a day trip here for the first time last year and it was great. It had goat walks, history about our president Grant, shops, and so much more. Galena was actually on a list from Architectural Digest as one of the most beautiful small towns.

Galena wasn't the one who made it onto  Only In Your State's list of best day trips, however.

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One Of The Best Day Trip In Illinois

The final vote had downtown Effingham as one of the best towns to take a day trip in.

If you’re searching for a spot to do some small-town shopping in Illinois, downtown Effingham most certainly fills the bill. It’s walkable and chock-full of shopping and dining destinations.

They are known for their great shopping, food, and walkable area... much like Galena. They have a wide variety of stores in the area.

Hazel-Jayne carries crystals, books, and other products associated with the mystical and metaphysical. Meanwhile, antique lovers will appreciate the selection at ​​Banker Street Antiques and Oddities.

You can see more here. Where are your favorite spots to visit? Let us know on our app.

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