Another year means another look at the "best" things in each state. A recent article from Onlyinyourstate put a spotlight on a bakery in Iowa calling it one of the best in the great state of Iowa.

If you love great treats from the Old Country, this is the spot for you.

Many mixed breads and rolls shot from above.

What Is One Of The Best Bakeries In Iowa?

The Amana Colonies Bakery & Cafe was called the best in the Amana shopping district. With these old-school German specialties, this spot is really one of the bests with a unique treat. Onlyinyourstate went on to say,

You don't even have to walk two minutes before you come to the Amana Colonies Bakery & Cafe, another mainstay of the Amana shopping district. This old-school German bakery specializes in cookies and pastries straight from the old country - many of which can only be found here.

Some of the desserts you can find at the Amana Colonies Bakery & Cafe include:

  • Almond coffee cake - topped with rich frosting and maraschino cherries.
  • Apple strudel -  flaky and packing a cinnamon-accented apple pie filling.
  • Streusel bread - one of the signature cakes here, you can usually find seasonal versions like pumpkin bread.

They also have other options here.

Of course, man can not live by sweets alone - so you'll want to pick up some of the old-school German breads baked here daily.

The Amana colonies are pretty iconic in Iowa, and the bakery here is truly one of the best.

Amana General Store or the Amana Colonies

Another spotlight in the story was on the Amana Colonies General store. I have been here before, and it really is a fun time. The entire Amana Colonies is a very fun trip, and a blast to the past.

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