This iconic Iowa spot dates all the way back to 1953 when it was discovered. If you've been to the Spook Cave in McGregor Iowa I'm sure you agree that it is a great spot for the family.

Iowa has a lot of great spots to visit, but this one is really special.

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Two years after its discovery, Spook Cave became a tourist destination in 1955. Both kids and adults love the boat tour that takes you through an ancient, flooded-out cave.

I remember my grandparents taking me to this flooded cave when I was about 8, and I still think about how fun it was for me as a kid. Its history is also amazing.

Spook Cave

This spot is as beautiful as it is spooky, you can see stalagmites and stalactites rising from the cave floor and hanging from the cave ceiling. Only in Your State went on to say,

Be sure you listen closely, too! You'll hear the moans and groans of mother nature at work. The Earliest settlers of Clayton County hard noises coming from the cave long before it was discovered.

Credit: Nikki’s Kitchen & Travel Source: YouTube
Nikki’s Kitchen & Travel
Source: YouTube

Despite its name, the tour isn't like a haunted house for adults, it is a fun welcoming adventure with some joking spooks here and there. It really does welcome the whole family.

Your boat's captain will tell you all about the way the cave was formed as well as what happened when it was discovered.

I remember how fun the tour guide was back when I went as a child.

The Campground

This location is just beautiful all around. The website goes on to say,

Tucked into the base of towering bluffs with a trout stream and natural waterfall, scenic beauty surrounds this campground located in Northeast Iowa.

Spook Cave has accommodations for everyone, whether you want to rough it in a tent or stay in a fully furnished cabin. Either way, we have everything to make your stay memorable. Our campground and cabins are great for family getaways, family reunions or get-togethers with friends.

That's not all they offer,

Activities at Spook Cave including fishing in both the trout stream and Spook Cave Lake, swimming, paddling, hiking, and relaxing around the campfire. In addition, we offer a full-range of amenities from playgrounds to a basketball court. Our store has souvenirs, food, beverages, and ice cream!

If you've got a family who loves to camp, and loves a good spooky adventure, this is the place for you. Learn more here.

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