The story of the Wasserbahn is filled with questions frustrations, and sadness. That sadness was replaced with frustration and confusion. Now the memories of the Wasserbhan and some of the surrounding businesses are forgotten memories. It is now completely abandoned.


This Is What Happened

It appears that some employees and many customers didn't see this closing coming though some apparently did. The first public announcement was allegedly a deleted Facebook post about the closing made in February 2022. According to KCRG, the waterpark had a recent investment as well which made the story even crazier.

The closure came despite Smock Investments and Owner Thomas Smock receiving two rounds of COVID relief money for Wasserbahn. Records show the business got $141,500 in April of 2020, and then another $198,562 in February of 2021. Still, employees claim checks were bouncing.

Many rumors and speculations took over the internet about the situation last year and many left the situation with their own ideas on what brought the place down. The biggest one for many was the idea of alleged poor management.

What The Wasserbahn Looks Like

Sadly a once thriving park in Iowa is now a fenced-off building slowly decaying through the seasons.


Windows are blown out, and the building as a whole is in very rough shape. The entire area is very quiet.

attachment-346096481_206529295517676_1071339797700395554_n (1)

All we have now is the memories of what once was. Sadly those memories are now shadowed by these haunting photos.

attachment-346109117_188099544124829_713890218751717649_n (1)

You can see more photos here from when the spot first closed. Do you remember the Wasserbahn area? What were your favorite memories?

Update For 2024

Due to more break ins and destruction the location has fallen into even deeper into disrepair. More photos of this location have gone viral over the last year.

*Reminder* Do NOT trespass onto this property it is not only dangerous... it is also illegal.

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