Wisconsin has a lot of history, with that history comes old tales and ghost stories. One of these stories has been talked about many times in Mineral Point Wisconsin.   "Only In Your State" Goes on to say,

Mineral Point is a historic little town known for its historic buildings and art galleries, but some ghost hunters say there’s one more thing that sets this town apart. The Walker House, located in the middle of Mineral Point, is said to be one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin.

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About Mineral Point

While the city isn't considered haunted, there are a few buildings to note. Some people just visit to view the beauty. Others do enjoy the ghost aspect of the city.

Mineral Point is a picturesque and historic city located in the southwestern part of Wisconsin. It was founded in the early 1800s by lead miners, and today, it’s a popular tourists destination

The biggest draw for ghost hunters is an inn. There is a house that is considered haunted.

The Walker House

This house dates back to 1830. The pictures are amazing. You can see that here. A man who is thought to haunt the halls is named William Caffee,

There are many stories and legends around this old inn. A hanging reportedly took place near the inn in the 1840s – a man named William Caffee was accused of murder, so residents erected a gallows in town.

The other ghosts don't have names and don't have much of a source for why they would be haunting. A little girl has been reported wandering the halls. A scary shape has also been reported.


Possibly an unknown apparition or maybe it's just Caffee trying to be heard. Would you stay in this town?

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