Despite being in the Midwest, Iowa does have a few islands. One popular spot is Sabula, Iowa, Iowa's Island City. The spot we are looking at today is not nearly as popular but still gets some visitors.

The reason this spot isn't as popular is due to the fact that it is completely abandoned. It was once one of Waterloo’s many vacation destinations. Now it's mostly just a camping spot.

Family time at the campsite

Some sources share the history of this location and why it is abandoned.

Massive floodwaters forced the island's residents to evacuate, and the houses were demolished. You'll now only find a few remnants of what was once here.


The Forgotten Iowa Island

Sans Souci Island is near Waterloo located on the banks of the Cedar River. It use to be very well known. According to sources like Only In Your State, this island is overgrown and forgotten.

The park is still accessible by foot or boat, but it's been largely abandoned since 2008 - meaning there are no utilities or facilities on the island. You're heading into wild country, only feet from Waterloo proper.

It isn't completely gone... there are still camping and fishing during the warmer months. It isn't what it use to be sadly. At one point the island used to be home to residential houses and even a thriving hotel, but due to its vulnerability to floods after 2008, the island became mostly abandoned.

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