We've looked at some of the cheapest houses in the Quad Cities before. So far the lowest we have seen was $9,900. That record is now broken.

The house that broke the record has been on the market for 85 days at the time of writing this.

The Other Houses

Some good news, The other two cheapest houses appear to have sold. They are off the market! You can check here to check Zillow.

The first cheapest house we ever talked about was a 2 bedroom, 1-bath and came in at 1,200 square feet. Originally it was for sale at $11,900. It first dropped the price to 10K when a cheaper home came on the market. Before it sold, last I checked it was at $9,900. It sure looked like it needed some love...

Source: Zillow

The house that made that one drop its price was located at 1510 W 3RD Street, Davenport, IA 52804. It only had one photo, but still managed to sell after a couple of weeks up. It's 2 bedrooms 1 bath. Coming in at 1,242 Square Feet. It sold for 10K.

Source: Zillow
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The New Record Holder

85 days ago a new house showed up with a few photos. It originally was on the market at $11,500.

Source: Zillow

It's very similar to the other two houses with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. It's 1,260 Sqft.

Source: Zillow

The Price Drop

The price of this home is $6,500. This is a new record! (at least for how long we've been keeping track)

If you're looking for a fixer-upper that's cheap... this is for you!  The entire lot is 3,049 sqft. The description on Zillow states,

Lots of potential to put your stamp on this home. This 2 bedroom 1 bath home is conveniently located to both IA and IL. Nice wooded view at the rear of the home.

Would you buy one of these homes? Or better yet how much would someone have to pay you to buy one of these homes? As the battle for the cheapest home continues, we will keep you updated.

I Turned The Quad Cities Into AI Art

To get the AI pictures all I had to do was type in the name of the city, and the state, the algorithm did the rest.

All these photos are computer generated, and at first glance, it looks pretty good... some more than others, but the longer you look the more you notice how weird each one is.

These are all 5 cities in the QC. To start I typed in "Quad Cities" to see the results

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