The great state of Iowa has some iconic eateries. Some restaurants even have a history that can be traced back hundreds of years. Others are huge not only in size but status as well.

According to "Only In Your State" The Largest Restaurant In Iowa Has 850 Seats And An Unforgettable Menu.

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A quick fun fact... the largest restaurant in Iowa is actually a brewer, but they do serve food and are seen as a restaurant so technically this spot is still the largest one in Iowa.

The Largest Restaurant In Iowa

Big Grove Brewing has plenty of locations in Iowa, but Big Grove Brewing in Des Moines is actually the largest restaurant in Iowa.

At this point, Big Grove Brewing in Des Moines is more than just a brewpub... it's a massive entertainment complex perfect for large groups and events. Big Grove gives this vibe anywhere it is located.

"Only In Your State" went on to say,

Big Grove Brewery, a local chain that started in Iowa City, has always thought big. The restaurant is known for its sprawling outdoor patio seating, its huge beer selection, and its massive portions of Iowa comfort food and innovative specials. However, the restaurant’s new branch in Des Moines has taken “big” to a whole new level – in fact, it’s the largest restaurant in Iowa!

Big Grove has a few locations and actually started in a pretty small town in Iowa. Their website goes on to state,

In 2013, Big Grove Brewery opened its first location in Solon, Iowa. With a foundation of quality beer, great food, and genuine Iowa hospitality, our team has seen amazing success in our first decade. We’re committed to crafting authentic food and beer, and through that work, creating a better world for everyone. Over the years, we’ve partnered with Iowa organizations such as the Domestic Violence Intervention Program, National Alliance on Mental Illness, and many more to promote a happier, healthier, and cleaner world.

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