A video is going viral of a security guard dealing with a hippo trying to get out of its enclosure at a zoo. The hippo almost looks like a puppy getting told no, but realizing just how dangerous a hippo is, makes this video a lot more terrifying.

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The Video

Why It's Adorable

I mean just look how calm everyone is. It makes it look like no threat is present, and the hippo is acting like a dog.

The ending with it sliding back down is also very cute. It's hard not to think it's cute at first, but in actuality, this is a pretty dangerous situation.

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Why Is Terrifying

Hippos are very deadly, it is reported that they are one of the most dangerous land animals on Earth,

The hippopotamus is a very aggressive wild creature and is the deadliest large land mammal on the planet. It is estimated that hippo attacks kill 500 people each year in Africa. It is not only their size and weight that makes them dangerous, but also their very sharp teeth!

I mean just look at this video of a hippo chasing a boat.

If the hippo in that zoo wanted to hurt those people, it could have. The threat level there was way more severe than anyone was treating it.

At this point zoos are infamous, and many people see them as immoral. Whatever your stance is on zoos, I think we can all agree that this zoo should get some better walls for that hippo!

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