Iowa has countless legends and spooky stories about different spots in the Hawkeye state. We all have a legend or two about ghosts and spirits, most are fun local stories. The people of Bentonsport know the story of a haunted hotel well.

It's a story that is very popular in Iowa. In fact, some claim that up to multipul ghosts haunted this location. Their website also claims this.

People always ask us, "Is it really haunted?" The answer is yes.

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The Haunted Hotel

This spot is located in Bentonsport Iowa and is 173 years old. According to Only In Your State, this spot has a long history.

The hotel was built in 1846 as a place for the steamboat travelers. It was used as a hospital several times, and at one point, it was even part of the Underground Railroad.

This hotel is now a charming bed and breakfast and is called the Mason House. Guests are also invited to spend the night with the ghosts.

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Thankfully most of the ghosts appear friendly and not dangerous.

The Infamous Ghost Of The Hotel

There is a long list of ghosts at this hotel. Thankfully it appears that the spirits are friendly.

The spirits call it "Inhabiting". They are just hanging out here. Sometimes we see or hear them hanging out. Most people who do have some kind of an experience just assume the sounds they hear like footsteps, doors opening or closing, people talking, music playing, sometimes snoring, are just the other guests in the other rooms.

One of the most famous ghosts is in room 7. His name is allegedly Knapp and usually will just lightly tug on clothes or blankets.

Room 8 also seems to have a ghost. It appears that some people see an old lady in a white nightgown. A young boy is also reported to be walking around.

The main reason many people believe this spot to be haunted is due to three reasons

  • Three of the Inn's former owners have died here.
  • One guest was murdered years ago.
  • The Inn was used as a hospital during the Civil War, and one doctor got ill and passed away in his own office.

Is that enough to prove this iconic spot is haunted? Let us know on our app.

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