As someone who is terrible at spelling, I truly sympathize with this story. Honestly, if it wasn't for spell check every other word I'd type would be misspelled.

A few recent studies looked at the most misspelled words in each state, and while some of them are a bit funny, I totally understand how others are misspelled. Today we are going to look at what word Wisconsin struggles with the most.

Today we are looking at two different studies for the most misspelled word in Wisconsin. You will see the AT&T results post COVID, and today's Google Trends results.

States word struggles Post 2020

Here are the words Wiscosnins neighbors struggle with...

Poster map United States of America with state names

Iowa: Favorite

Minnesota: Quarantine

Illinois: Coronavirus

Indiana: Quarantine

Clearly what happened in 2020 with the Coronavirus affected a lot of the state's searches. This lead the study to point out words like "quarantine" and "coronavirus" being misspelled a lot. Happy to see Iowa was unphased and just kept spelling favorite wrong.

It looks like Wisconsin was also looking at things related to 2020. They like 12 other states struggled with the word "quarantine" to be fair, I also would spell that word wrong in a spelling bee. There you have it,

How They Got These Results

This study looked at a handful of things.

We at AT&T Experts reviewed the top searched "how to spell" words by state from March 24, 2020 to March 24, 2021 using Google Trends. After diving into these numbers, we see each state has its own spelling struggles, though there is some commonality across the US. And while some of these entries may surprise you, others definitly definitely will not.

That's right AT&T was watching us all ask how to spell stuff.

The Most Misspelled Words 2022



Don't worry, Google Trends is here to save the day! They have a list of the most misspelled words not involving COVID. You can see the full list here. 

Wisconsin's Most Misspelled word In 2022

This one is a bit worse than the other... it is a bit simpler. The most misspelled word is "Lose." That's right,

Wisconsin's Most Misspelled word is Lose.

When it comes to Wisconsin's neighbors, Iowa spelled "cousin wrong. And Illinois spelled anniversary wrong. You can see the full list here.

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