We all dream of living in a calm and peaceful neighborhood. The good life is usually pretty peaceful.

This town is actually a small city of around 8,000 people. Those who visit this area will find a calm college town with a strong and rich history, fantastic attractions, and delicious food that feels like it stepped out of a much simpler time.

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A new list from "Only In Your State" was released calling this large town, or small city the most peaceful one in Iowa.

Iowa's Most Peaceful Town

This city in Iowa is called Sioux Center. It is located in the northwest corner of the great state of Iowa. It was a  former agricultural town and is the home of a small private college called Dordt University. It is truly beautiful. "Only In Your State" went on to say,

The town's parks are among the most beautiful in the state, and there are plenty of quiet spots to take in nature.

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This city does have a solid number of things to do to help add a little excitement to the calm and beautiful town. Thankfully you'll never get bored as you enjoy this great city

The town also has a small summer waterpark, with the memorable name of "Siouxnami." It's a little secret for thrill-seekers, far away from the big amusement parks.

One of the best spots to grab a bite to eat is Livestock Co. It is a charming family restaurant and steakhouse.

Located in Sioux Center, Iowa, we have been serving satisfied customers since 2002. Whether you are stopping in for dinner with the family or coming in for your lunch break, we have all of your favorites!

Enjoy your time in the most peaceful town in Iowa.

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