Hard to believe people would go to a motel for that motel itself. Most the time a motel is a last second booking when you're in a rush. This 'Quirky Mote' is one worth visiting and being called one of the best in the state of Illinois.


The Small Retro-Style Motel

You can pick this motel out by it's retro sign. Only In Your State went on to say,

For travelers seeking an authentic and unforgettable Chicago experience, The Ohio House Motel remains an enduring favorite and a cherished home away from home in the heart of the city.

This spot is called the Ohio House Motel and it is a fan favorite in Chicago Illinois.

Stay at our vintage motel in downtown Chicago! Since opening its doors in the winter of 1960, Ohio House Motel has strived to give each guest a truly unforgettable stay. From our clean and inviting guest rooms to the care and devotion modeled by our staff, our property in the charming neighborhood of River North has continued to be one of the best places to stay in the entire Chicago area. With plenty of on-site amenities to take advantage of, guests can relax knowing that they are taken care of from the moment they arrive. Stay comfortably and choose our unique accommodations during your next trip to the city!


Obviously as a motel it has a wide variety of reviews. You can see a video below.

Would you stay in this fun little motel in Chicago Illinois?

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