while this house could belong to a spy, especially with that car, I do have to say I like this house. Usally when I write these stories and show you pictures, I also make fun of the house. While this house does look like it belongs to a billionaire supervillain, or again a guy named James Bond... it looks a lot cooler, and less cold and scary compared to other multimillion-dollar homes.

While this house still costs way too much, I had fun looking at it to see what crazy rich people look for in homes like this. If you end up buying this house, can I use your pool?

The House

Located at 729 Angelo Drive right around the corner from the Beverly Hills Hotel. While again the price is high I was shocked that this house actually looked pretty cool. Plus there is a pool. The description reads,

Today Architectural Digest is in Beverly Hills to tour a stunning, contemporary new-build mansion currently on the market for just under $22 million.

The home was designed by Gabbay Architects. It is a 5 bedroom 7 bathroom home, it is a 3-story home with a centerpiece staircase, it also has a 15-car garage. Absolutely wild. You can see the photos and all the videos below.

Multimillion-Dollar Mansion With A 15-Car Garage

If you have enough cars to fill this garage, this might just be perfect for you... only about 22 million dollars.

The Video

While they really hype up the house, the video is very cool. They use a lot of big words when talking about how much they love the house and want you to buy it.


Listing Agents: Tomer Fridman, Compass and Jennifer Saginor, Compass Staging by Josh Hoorfar for Meridith Baer Home Photo: Brandon Stanley at The Lux Level.

What did you think of the house? Let us know what you think!

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