Another day another scam. It seems like scammers are always finding new ways to rip people off. It's especially sad to see during times like these when everyone is dealing with different issues during these shortages.

This scam is focusing on those looking to buy a car.

Right now if you want to buy a house, or car the best thing I can say is GOOD LUCK! It is so hard to find anything for a good price. Sadly scammers are seeing this as a chance to make some serious cash.

KCRG reports that a woman was scammed by an Autotrader on Craigslist. I know for many this is a red flag, but desperate times call for desperate measures. sadly this Autotrader had sketch tricks up its sleeve.

Wanda King purchased a 2006 Toyota Camry with just over 151,000 miles. She paid $4,000 and drove it home after the salesman specifically told her there was nothing wrong with it. She noticed some issues right off the bat, and sadly after she took it to a mechanic at Theo’s Automotive for a post-purchase inspection she learned it was far from perfect.

There were multiple things wrong,

Decades ago, the only way to reduce a car’s odometer was by removing the instrument cluster and manually rolling back the miles. But in the digital age, criminals have an easier option.

In short, the original instrument cluster had been removed and replaced with one with fewer miles on it "reducing" the car's mileage by 97,000 miles.

So she was sold a car with 151,000 miles, but in actuality, it was at 248,000 miles. YIKES! That is some scary stuff. It even looked normal until the mechanic pulled back the semi-transparent cover covering the warning light.

By covering the check engine light, Berry said a seller could make it appear there was nothing wrong with the car and that it would easily pass emissions.

This was clearly not a mistake. So if you find yourself in desperate need of a car make sure you keep an eye out for this scam. You can learn more here.

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