Every year I make a stop at the Wisconsin Dells. It's always a great quick trip for the family. We usally have fun, and the waterparks are always solid, but my mind was blown by the physics of a new waterslide built last year.

It's called Medusa's Slidwheel, and it actually spins... a lot. Thankfully we have a video of the whole thing for you down below.


The first time you see this thing in person it's kinda crazy. All the promo material and website for Mt. Olympus call it the first of its kind in America.

It really is something I've never seen before.



How The Water Slide Works

In short, it's all about the pendulum movement, and rotation. This offers a back-and-forth motion. This slide is also a decent ride going for over a minute, which is rare to see with water slides. This slide experience is like none other has ever seen before.

The Bio states,

This new attraction combines the movement of a Ferris wheel and the speed and thrill of a waterslide. The intricate tangle of tubes on a horizontal axis allows the entire ride to rotate while guests whip through it! Medusa’s Slidewheel offers all the best aspects of a classic waterslide, like speed, g-forces, and even the occasional bit of air time, but its rotation brings so much more to the table.

You can see it up close here with a video:

My Personal Review

As a big fan of the Dells, I'll be the first to admit that it was starting to feel a bit run down, over the years more seemed to disappear from my favorite spots, this is an absolute breath of fresh air.

I went on this slide twice, but I wish I would have done it a third time. This slide is goofy, fun, and offers a good thrill. It is the best slide at Mt. Olympus. Its length and the surprisingly fast line also make it even better. This year more updates to the area have also taken place which I am excited to see.


I highly recommend you try this slide, but just a heads up the minimum weight is 331 pounds while the max is 705. Make sure you bring enough people!

Also, I love the car wrap for this slide. In the end, this slide is a 10 outta 10.


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