Fall 2023 is here and in full swing. If you are trying to get out more and enjoy this season, then it's time to check out small towns in Illinois. Illinois is home to many great Fall walks.

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The Midwest as a whole offers countless great spots to enjoy this time of the year. Today we will be looking at a spot in Illinois. "Only In Your State" Went on to say,

Leon D. Larson Memorial Park, located at 1212 Larson St., is a small park nestled between a picturesque residential neighborhood and cornfields. It's easily accessible by bike, foot, or vehicle, and includes an open field, playground, and several walking paths right at the park's entrance.


Golden autumn scene with falling leaves

About Leon D. Larson Memorial Park

While this spot is well known by locals, many people in Illinois don't know what they are missing. According to OIYS this is a Fall spot everyone needs to see.

One of your options is to take the trail to the right, which leads you to the Larry Steczo Outdoor Education Center — a field surrounded by trees filled with a walking path, native plant gardens, play equipment, and signage that educates visitors on the local environment. In autumn, the goldenrod transforms the area into an idyllic fall landscape.

The changing of the trees tends to be the main draw for what people can see. Many have stated that this trail is one of their favorite spots to travel along. If you're a fan of this season then this is a hike for you.

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