As Iowans, we have plenty of Midwestern sayings that we stand by. Three of these words have caused a lot of debate amongst the great state's population. Many Iowans have gone their whole life without saying these things the "Iowa way."

I have to be honest... I don't say two of these words like a real Iowan. I'm sorry to all my fellow Iowans.

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The Three Words

Now let's jump into the words from least weird to weirdest. Let us know how you say these words.

Soda vs POP

We all know the facts, Iowans call it pop, but many like myself proudly call it soda.

Drink Up
Keith Bell

Bags vs Cornhole

Iowans call it cornhole, but many others call it bags. Just in case you don't know what this is... Cornhole is a lawn game popular in North America in which players or teams take turns throwing fabric bean bags at a raised, angled board with a hole in its far end. see more here.

Purple Cornhole Bean Bag Toss Game

Ground Beef vs Hamburger

I'm not even joking. This is one that went viral not long ago. Many Iowans apparently call ground beef hamburgers. I had no idea this was a thing. Personally, I have only ever called it ground beef. Just so you know, When describing how to cook this kind of beef "cut" in a skillet, the Iowa Beef Industry Council calls it Ground Beef.

ground beef

So what do you call these three things? Let us know on our app today.

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