The rain is good for growth, but it's making me tired of mowing and it's not even June.

I think the City of Dubuque has the right idea. They've employed 50 goats to keep the grass and weeds tidy in their parks and waterways.

KCRG-TV reports about 50 goats are eating weeds on less than an acre of land along a water retention basin.

City staff decided to try the goats as part of an initiative to reduce the use of chemicals. They also say it’s  safer for goats rather than city employees to climb  the steep property.

A company called Goats on the Go is supplying the animals. Their job should finish in about a week.

The city is spending $1,250 to hire the goats and will analyze how the animals do before deciding whether to hire them again.

It's certainly an interesting option.

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