The Quad-City-Times took a look at the best Candy of all time. They had had around the top 25. And as a die hard fan of candy I wanted to give my input on this interesting list, by looking at their top 10. Fair warning I think the author really like peanuts. Let take a look at this list kicks off with:

10.Oh Henry!

I had never even had of this one, but according to the Arthur this is a huge "sleeper hit" So I went out and bought one. (the gas station didn't have them so this was a quest to find. It's the reason why I couldn't post it on Monday.) The results were actually pretty solid. Not my top 10, but solid.

9. Charleston Chew

Okay I actually agree with this pick. I love this candy. It is also noted that this candy tastes even better when frozen. It is my 10.

8. Whatchamacallit

This is another one I didn't know to much about. I've seen it and tasted it, but it never really left and impact for me. Maybe in my top 40

7. Baby Ruth

For me I can respect this candy. It's not my favorite, but I can see why others love it. I only eat it if it's a last resort, but it has a good history in the candy world. So I can't hate on it to much.

6. Twix

Yep this on seems about right. Great candy, but not top five for me. It's my six as well.

5. Toblerone

The more fancy of candies. The legendary Toblerone Is another candy that's just okay to me.

4. Snickers

Again I agree with this one.

3. Payday

Not even in my top 50, I have no idea how this got here. If you like nuts then I guess this is the candy for you.

2. Butterfinger

As a kid I loved this candy, but now it just annoys me when it gets stuck on my teeth. Still love it though. My top 15 for sure. Their slogan is amazing as well. "No on is going to lay a finger on my Butterfinger."

1. Take 5

I have no idea how I feel about this. I like the taste, I like the design, but #1? I have such a mixed reaction. As for candy that fills you up this and snickers are great. I honestly can't tell if I agree with this or not.

What are your top ten candies?

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