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Salty snacks

Quarantine has been a pain. Stuck inside and nothing really to do. As most normal Americans do, we resort to eating or drinking when we are bored. When we are sad and eat, a lot of us resort to junk food. A new study revealed the top junk foods that Quad Citizens and Americans have been binge eating during the pandemic.

Junk food is just the best. A new study from SWNS digital found that three-quarters of Americans are eating more comfort food than ever before during the pandemic. They did a survey and ask 2,000 Americans about their eating habits during their time in quarantine and how they have used food to connect with their loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In their findings, SWNS digital found that 37% of respondents said that they have been going to their favorite feel-good foods daily. 38% said they’re eating a little bit better and only having their favorite comfort food every other day (liars).

But what have been Quad Citizens and Americans favorite comfort foods during self-isoltion? According to SWNS digital, 6 in 10 people said their go-to comfort food during the global pandemic has been ice cream. Chocolates or candies were right behind ice cream, but neither of those foods took the cake (and neither did cake).

Here is the break down according to their survey.


  • Potato chips - 62%
  • Ice cream - 59%
  • Chocolate/candy - 58%
  • Pizza - 56%
  • Mac and cheese - 51%
  • Pasta - 46%
  • Mashed potatoes - 46%
  • Chicken noodle soup - 36%

If you feel like you've gained the "quarantine 15" don't feel too bad. This survey inspired Young Jeffrey's song of the week.

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