Outlaw country music star Cody Jinks will make his eagerly anticipated return to Dubuque on Saturday, February 25th when he returns to the Five Flags Center along with special guest Erin Viancourt.

For all you fans out there, this is going to be an amazing show!

Jinks has previously performed two wildly successful shows at Five Flags Center, in November of 2018 and July of 2021.

About Cody Jinks

Described by Rolling Stone as having a “blue-collar brand of lived-in country,” Dallas area native CODY JINKS has emerged as one of the most popular stars of the modern branch of so-called “outlaw country.” After beginning his music career in a thrash metal band, Jinks transitioned to country music in the mid-2000s and has since released nine critically acclaimed albums.

Commercial success followed about a decade later, with 2016’s ‘I’m Not the Devil.’ The self-released album rose to the Top Ten of both Billboard’s Country and Indie albums charts. Jinks would again make the upper echelon of those rankings with 2018’s ‘Lifers,’ and 2019’s dual releases of ‘After the Fire’ and ‘The Wanting.’ Those two albums also occupied the top two spots on the album sales rankings from both iTunes and Apple Music. Jinks enjoys a particularly strong online fanbase, as his songs have been streamed on Spotify more than 552 million times.

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About Erin Viancourt

Erin Viancourt has always heard things a little differently, and in musical terms "incorrect" since the day she picked up a guitar. Although always trying to learn and sharpen her tools, she has also been looking for a team that wasn't there to "correct" her but help deliver what she hears in her head. Now she’s found that team. For the very first time, she says she can slap her name on songs ready for the world to hear and feel, "Yup, this is me, this is what I hear in my head and if you like these songs then you like a genuine part of me and well we should get a beer."

Have a great time at the show!

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