My wife Kathy and I met online in the late 90s. Specifically, using Love@AOL. For years there was a little bit of a stigma about meeting online. We'd get surprised looks and comments from friends. As the world's gone digital that stigma and surprise has largely disappeared. The safety concerns about meeting someone this way haven't. just posted a story about a Lincoln, Nebraska woman who was recently found dead after going on a second date with someone she met online. That person is a suspect in her murder. Detective Mike Griffin of the Moline Police Department told that "while there's plenty of perks to online dating, it's important to be smart about it."

Tinder's website has a section devoted to safe use of their app. They remind users to protect their personal information and never give out any personal financial information to anyone on the site. They also talk about reporting users who are underage, act inappropriately after meeting and users who harass or act offensively.

When it comes to meeting matches they suggest meeting in public, having your own transportation, staying sober and telling friends and family who you're out with and what you're going to be doing. They also stress getting to know the person you're going to meet, especially on the app.

I can't stress enough how important that is. My wife and I wrote and talked a lot before we first met. I think we did that for a month before our first date. It's one of the things we credit to our early dating success. Meeting online can lead to great success, my wife and I are living proof. Don't let the fast pace of 21st Century life and swiping left and right make you forget to online date safely!


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