Many of us have found ourselves traveling over the last year to break out of that cabin fever, or maybe you have a fun trip planned coming up soon. Well now you can show off everywhere you've traveled, or will be traveling to! There's a fun website out right now that lets you mark on a map everywhere you've traveled in the states. It's a fun way to relive those great memories and talk about new ones.

The best part is that no matter what you can at least mark one or 2 parts of the map, Iowa and, or Illinois!

Not only is it fun for us adults, but if you've traveled with the kids this could be a fun way to show them where they have been on a map. Now those fun trips can also be learning opportunities. For those of you who have filled up the map, it's also a fun way to show your friends everywhere you've been while also being able to see everywhere they have been as well.

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The Map

The website is called Visited States Map. It's a part of "map Loco" Which is a fun site with multiple maps of states, countries, and the world. It allows you to check off and highlight places you have visited, or plan on going to.

If you're ever bored and want to think about those fun trips you've taken, you can go mark up your map here. Let us know your favorite vacation on any of our social media. As you travel more this year don't forget to stay safe, and have fun! Happy travels!

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