~~~You're gonna make it after all.~~~. That was the the theme song of the Mary Tyler Moore TV show back in the 70's, and it is the foundation of the American dream - finding a place where you can succeed.

'Making it' is also the theme of a new marketing campaign by the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce. This week, the Chamber released a new video entitled 'Make It Here.'

On their Facebook page, the Chamber says the video touts the Quad Cities as "a cool, creative, connected, and prosperous bi-state community." They cite studies that show that that Millennials "use quality-of-life factors when deciding where to locate even more than economic conditions." As a result of the study results, the video is high on quality of life features and amenities that the Quad Cities has to offer.

Check the video out here...

..then head to our Facebook page here and answer Craig's Question: "What would you promote to out-of-towners looking to move here as the biggest perk to living in the Quad Cities?"

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