A young man by the name of McCade Libby, or McCade for short is going viral after bringing a taste of the past back to residents in nursing homes with his incredible voice. What makes this story so great is that he is a volunteer who is just happy to help. He isn't looking for fame, but rather for more people to help those in need. One Thing McCade said to me during our chat was,

Hopefully it will get more people to volunteer in these places. I don't like videos/pictures of myself, but my mom loves to record things. I assumed this would be for her personal facebook page, but she took it to TikTok so here we are.

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There are countless videos on McCade's mother's TikTok page, but their biggest video captures just how easily McCade can replicate the great voices of the past while simply relaxing with the residents!

@julieann_62 Testing Hashtags # #brandyyourafinegirl #lookingglass #70smusic #poprock ♬ original sound - JulieAnn_62

I also got a second to talk to his mother, Julie, about her viral TikTok.

It honestly isn’t about me. It’s about the Residents and the pure happiness McCade has brought to them.


@julieann_62 My son singing to mom and the Residents. #blessed ♬ original sound - JulieAnn_62

It is great to see volunteers do so much. Many areas welcome volunteers with open arms. You could really help make a difference in someone's life by volunteering.  I asked McCade what his favorite memory was, and this is what he had to say.

I sing the last Wednesday of every month and each one is a little different which makes for a lot of good memories. I can name three, two of which are recurring and one that was pretty amazing. An elderly lady always sings along with me for a few of the songs and an elderly gentleman loves to get up and dance for a few of the songs as well. The best memory would be a lady with Alzheimer's singing along to one of the songs. Her son and daughter-in-law were with and I could tell it meant a lot to them.

McCade has been singing since elementary school choir, but besides some karaoke here and there, and a few semesters in college, McCade's only times singing at this moment are with residents.

@julieann_62 @Tracy Lawrence ♬ original sound - JulieAnn_62

My next question for McCade was after his mother's first viral video if other nursing homes in the Midwest asked him to sing for their residents if he would be interested?

If other nursing homes wanted me to come sing to them, I wouldn't be opposed to it at all. Where I currently sing my mom is the activities director there and she asked if I would sing for them. Quarantine was very hard on the people living in these nursing homes. For the longest time they didn't see there families at all or only through their room windows.

He went on to share how interested he was, but also open up about his personal life,

I understand how important and impactful music can be, but experiencing it first hand with the elderly is a unique experience. So, again, I would definitely sing to other nursing homes if they wanted me and weren't extremely far away with the current gas prices. However, I will likely be unavailable for a few months starting sometime this summer as I am getting a spinal fusion for my scoliosis.


At this time McCade has been very open about how much he'd love to see others volunteer their time too. One of the best ways to support McCade and his mother is by checking out their TikToks. You can find his here. And his mother's here. 
It also looks like singing runs in the family, check out his grandmother's yodeling!


Mom, yodeling for the residents at the age of 84. ♥️
♬ original sound - JulieAnn_62

Thank you to McCade and his mother for everything they do!

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