Wisconsin is known for its natural beauty. Many sources have lists of incredible spots you can visit in the great state. One site even went as far as creating a road trip map to catch some of those beauties.

This story went viral after they mapped out a road trip that will take you to some of the most impressive Wisconsin caves and waterfalls.

Wisconsin Welcome sign at Marinette WI

Only in your state went on to say,

The entire route we've mapped out is about 675 miles and it'll take around 11.5 hours of driving time to complete.

Today we are going to look at the waterfalls on the list.

The Beautiful Waterfalls Of Wisconsin

Only in your state put together a handful of caves and waterfalls that are part of the perfect road trip for natural beauty.

Bond Falls , Paulding Michigan USA

Willow River Falls (Hudson Wisconsin) - Fun fact, this is one of the most easily-accessed waterfalls in Wisconsin. The namesake waterfall of Willow River Falls State Park is a mighty three-tiered cascade that's 45' tall and over 100' feet wide: a true sight to be seen!

Cascade Falls (Osceola Wisconsin) - At night this spot is also illuminated with color-changing LED lights.  At 25 feet in height, Cascade Falls is undeniably one of the most stunning Wisconsin waterfalls.

Lost Creek Falls (Bell Wisconsin) - All you have to do is travel a 1.5-mile trail to get to this spot. Tucked away in the small community of Cornucopia at the northern end of the Bayfield Peninsula, Lost Creek Falls is pretty remote.

Potato River Falls (Gurney Wisconsin) - Many love this spot. Dubbed one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Midwest, Potato River Falls descends 90 feet into the Potato River. Offering a double dose of beauty, the waterfall is divided into two sections – lower Potato River Falls and upper Potato River Falls.

You can see the full list and road trip map here.

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