Morgan Wallen is playing Wrigley Field in Chicago this weekend, the show sold out almost immediately BUT you can get tickets on the secondary market for, let's just say, A LOT....

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If you didn't know, one of the biggest tours in the world, up there with Taylor Swift and Luke Combs, is coming to Chicago this weekend. Morgan Wallen will be stopping into Wrigley Field with his One Thing at a Time Tour, and if you are making last-minute plans to see the show apparently, you are going to PAY for it...

According to NBC Chicago, the ticket prices on the secondary market for the show are skyrocketing as the date nears, on their site they say...

"...with tickets to the Friday show starting at $238 apiece. For fans wanting to be at field level, tickets will run more than $400 per person for the show. The Thursday show will be slightly less expensive, starting at $222, but field-level seats are still $400 or more on the market."

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So I ask you...which artists would you be willing to pay $250 for just to be IN the stadium? My list would be pretty small but would include Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, if Dennis DeYoung reunited with Styx I'd pay that in a heartbeat to see that show, and probably the other person I would pay that much money to see would be the comedian Ricky Gervais. Other than those fee exceptions I have to be honest I would never pay that much money just to be in the stadium. Now if it was $250 for amazing seats at a concert/event then sure I could justify splurging on that for a longer list of singers, performers, and events, what about you?

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