Imagine being sent new flavors of candy bars to taste test before the general public gets their hands on one. Imagine being able to tell the candy bar maker what you think of new flavors.

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Here's your chance.

Kit Kat candy
Kit Kat/Target

Kit Kat is looking for 200 taste testers to join their Kit Kat Flavor Club. According to their website, you will receive three Flavor Club Kits over the course of the year.

Each kit will contain new KIT KAT® flavors never before seen or tasted by the general public. There will also be a bunch of exclusive, members-only swag to help you show your love for KIT KAT® Flavors.

Like any contest there are a few rules:

  • Enter up to once a day.
  • Win one of 200 exclusive memberships.
  • Open your Flavor Club Kit when it arrives.
  • Taste the amazingness inside.
  • Share your love for KIT KAT® Bars with the world

Here's where you can register and find the official rules. Please promise to let KIIK 104.9 know if you win!

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