A couple of weeks ago I was in the Chicago suburbs and passing a large grass field in front of what appeared to be an office building and something caught my eye that I couldn't explain.

Did I Really Just See a Runaway Lawn Tractor?

Because I was driving on a busy city street and could only look briefly to make sense of what I was looking at, it appeared that a large lawn-mowing tractor was possessed.

There was no driver. No one sitting behind the wheel of this tractor to guide it through acres of uncut grass, but still, it was making turns as if it knew what it was doing.

RC Mowers USA via YouTube
RC Mowers USA via YouTube

Right after I clearly saw a tractor without a driver, I began to question my mental stability. Maybe I was hallucinating or having some other kind of out-of-body experience.

I just know what I saw and this tractor was being operated by a ghost, a phantom, a spirit, or some other kind of individual being that can remain invisible while keeping perfect rows in the lawn.

An Entire Driverless Lawn Mowing Fleet

So it turns out that the ghost I saw mowing the grass in greater Chicagoland is actually an autonomous mower from Seberts Landscaping that they purchased from Wisconsin-based RC Mowers USA.

The landscaping company from Bartlett, Illinois is one of the first in the U.S. to use the "Autonomous Mowing Robots," according to a story from NBC 5 Chicago.

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