If you have never taken a look at the price of real estate in New York we can keep it simple for you.  The prices are high.  Very, very, very high.  The price per square foot is some of the highest in the world.  Which makes sense because New York has very little space.

But in Iowa, we have space!  Space for a home, a yard, a garage.  Things you would never find cheaply in New York city.  Or at all with the garage part.

Iowa state officials wanted to highlight that fact to folks in New York and the world as they kicked off the "This is Iowa" campaign.  The campaign includes a video of unsuspecting New Yorkers looking for homes in what they thought was an actual real estate office.  But what they were shown was available was if they lived in Iowa.

The campaign will continue targeting neighboring states not only focusing on housing, but also on cost of living, job market, natural landscapes and low crime rate.



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