Madonna released a new song titled “Medellín” that features award winning Columbian singer Maluma.

The Queen is getting everyone to dance with her "1, 2 cha cha cha" lyrics and moves.  It's not what you've heard from Madonna in the past which is disappointing some fans, but excites others.

One thing that all fans are agreeing on today, that performance at the BBMAs was amazing!  The song, the dancing, the theatrics that normally accompany any Madonna performance were all there.  But what really has people talking is the holograms.  "How!?"  "What?!"  "Really!?"  Those were the basic reactions as the hologram Madonnas appeared throughout the performance all over the set.

Could Madonna have another hit on her hands?  Time will tell.  One thing we all know, never count her out and always expect something unique every time she performs.

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