John Deere is obviously one of the most recognizable names in farming equipment. For almost 200 years, they've been cranking out tractors, combines, and other equipment for farmers around the world. They know what they're doing, but apparently somebody working for a shipping company doesn't. 

Deere's combines usually cost between $380,000 or more, depending on what bells and whistles you order.

In a Facebook group called "Vintage John Deere Tractors Down Under" that celebrates classic and vintage John Deere tractors in Australia, a member shared a video of a failure that happened at a harbor.

It's not clear if this happened in Australia, or where, but it makes your stomach turn.

A brand new John Deere Combine was being unloaded from a cargo ship, and was all hooked up to the crane. While it was being positioned to be lowered to the dock, the straps holding it gave lose, causing it to tumble down about 40 feet or so.

Once the combine makes contact with the ground, you can hear the crunch of the metal and the breaking of the glass, but then, just silence.

All of the workers gathered to look over the rail at the green pile of wreckage that sat on the dock, but after they gathered, no words were spoken.

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I like to imagine this is just one of those things that happens all the time, and all they have to do is make a few phone calls, get the straps fixed, and the new-new combine will be arriving in a week or so.

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