I had a listener reach out with an interesting video he captured over the Kansas City area last week. It shows a spinning metallic object which doesn't look like a balloon, plane or drone. By definition, that means it's a UFO.

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Special thanks to Alvaro Agon who sent us a message in response to the UFO fleet that was recently spotted over the Midwest. Alvaro said that he captured this video near Overland Park, KS. Bank of America on 135th Street on Thursday, January 27, 2022 at 3:22 pm.

See if you can identify what this object is.

When I see objects like this, I look for conventional explanations first. Could it be a mylar balloon that was released from a birthday party or a weather measuring instrument from the National Weather Service? Or, maybe a drone? It doesn't look like either of these to me nor does it look like a conventional aircraft.

I don't have an answer for what Alvaro recorded on his phone last Thursday. Do you?

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