Wanna watch a watermelon explode? Of course you do.

The YouTube channel The Backyard Scientist decided to pump 20,000 joules into the popular fruity summer treat.

Truthfully, there's a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo going on here that kind of makes us wish we paid a little more attention in chemistry class, but the bottom line is this: the watermelon splatters in a way not that had only been previously perfected by Gallagher when he made audiences wet with red delight.

Watermelon isn't the only food to get put to the test here, either. Just feast your eyes on what happens to the steak. A hole gets blown in it the likes of which you haven't seen outside a Wild West shootout.

Pretty amazing stuff. And because we know you're now in the mood, here's a look at Gallagher doing his thing. And let this be a lesson to you: pay attention in chemistry.

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