Before we get into the new scams, lets talk about one that has been around for months. The Instagram scam is still going strong. If you get a weird message from a friend with a link DO NOT CLICK IT. Your friend is hacked and if you click the link you will too. It usually looks like this,


The new scams involve voting and the classic Amazon package being "lost."

The Amazon scam is just an email that claims your package was lost and to click the link to track it. It looks very real. There are two ways to avoid this. If you didn't order anything don't click the link. Some emails say even if you didn't order anything you have do click the link. Still don't. The other is if you did order something, go to the official Amazon website and track it there, NOT through the email.

The potential voting scam can come through text, or email. It claims that your mail in ballot was lost, and that you'll have to vote in person, it then will show you a link to "find your voting location." If you get this message delete it. As always you can also report these scams, or others like them.

These scams like many other feed upon the older people, so make sure you inform loved ones about the possible scams. While they may seem obvious to you people 60+ are seeing record numbers of falling victim to scams. 

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