If you don't know what boba is, that's okay, I didn't either until my girlfriend showed me! Fortunately, the Quad Cities has a ton of different spots, all offering a unique twist on the fun drink. Bubble tea is a tea-based Taiwanese drink that originated in the 1980s. It usually consists of milk tea with chewy tapioca pearls in the bottom but there are tons of different flavor combinations you can choose from! These are my top three favorite spots!

Bubble Tea Co. in NorthPark Mall
This spot is situated in the perfect location in the mall so that you can do your shopping and then reward yourself with a fun drink afterward. It’s nestled right next to GameStop which is perfect for me.

Icy Bubbles

The atmosphere of this place is so fun. Nestled in Moline, right when you walk in there’s a ton of pink and blue blinking lights and a literal wall of bubbles. Their menu is super extensive and there are so many drinks to pick from like smoothies, milk teas, and fruit teas. My personal favorite is the strawberry banana smoothie with mango popping boba.

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Eddy’s Snack Bar

This place is dangerous because it’s super close to the 104.9 studio here in Davenport. And I can't get enough of it! Not only do they offer delicious smoothie-style boba drinks, but they also have a huge selection of sushi, ramen, desserts, and other Asian Snacks! It’s the perfect spot for every aspect of lunch you could possibly want!

Bubble tea is such a fun treat to get from time to time and it’s even become a tradition in my relationship. Every time we go to a new place, we try to find a new boba spot and rank it among the others that we’ve had in the past. Living in the Quad Cities though, we frequent these three spots pretty often! See you there!

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