Before we begin... this is all in good fun. We don't hate any Iowa Towns or Cities!

Iowa is known for a lot of things, and many people love to hype up the parts of Iowa that they are from. I grew up in a smaller town in Iowa, so I prefer small towns while others from bigger cities in Iowa most likely prefer the well, the cities.

Even with those differences, I believe that as Iowans we can figure out some of the most overrated spots in Iowa. Let's focus on cities, but if there is a town or travel spot out there that deserves this not-so-bright spotlight, let's figure those out too.


How To Decided

Everywhere in Iowa is fair game. If there is a spot that gets a lot of love, and hype that you think doesn't deserve it let us know!

Down below there is a poll where you can let us know what you think is overhyped in Iowa.

Personally, I grew up in Solon and then moved to Cedar Rapids Iowa in high school. After that, I moved to Davenport. This is a safe space for your votes so I'll share the spot that I think is a bit overhyped... It is not a popular vote, but besides the amazing tailgates, and great sports, I think Iowa City is a bit overhyped. If you disagree that is totally fine. Share your thoughts below.

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It's your turn to vote. I would love to see which spot wins.

Some areas that Iowans have said are overrated are Des Moines, Iowa City, Bettendorf, and Clinton. What do you think?

If you want to focus on something more positive message us on our app with the most underrated cities and towns in Iowa.

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