One year I was looking for a deal on a computer and I lined up at 11:30pm on Thanksgiving for a deal at 6am on Black Friday. At some point along the way an employee entered the building through the front door, making everyone in line think the store was opening. A rush for the door quickly dissolved the line meaning everyone los their place. I went home.

Black Friday can be a blessing and a curse depending on what you're looking for and whether you find it.

According to the folks at, these are a few items you shouldn't bother with on Black Friday.

HDTV's: Most of the large HDTV's discounted for Black Friday are older models that have a low refresh rate that will make watching sports problematic. They can also be big and bulky.

Cheap Hoverboards: Mashable says the hoverboard craze is over and again, the majority of boards you will find are cheap and likely won't last through the holidays.

Camcorders: These are still a thing? For the money you'll spend says upgrade your phone. You can shoot video just as good if not better, and edit it too without being stuck with a one-purpose device you'll often not have with you when you need it.

Cheap Drones: While they are cool, most low-price drones suffer from operational inefficiencies (that means they'll be hard to control and end up in a tree) and break easily. If you're gonna buy one, size of price matters.

Windows PCs: Deals on Windows PCs are usually too good to be true once you start examining their hardware. Mashable says "PCs built with Celeron, Core i3 or worse mobile CPUs, 32GB of storage and just 2GB of RAM should be avoided at all costs."

Blu-ray players, Wi-Fi boosters, and standalone GPS devices are also on the list of deals you're not really getting on Black Friday.

It seems as with all things Black Friday is a 'caveat emptor' situation: buyer beware.



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