Pet peeve -- it's an odd phrase, given that we love our pets, but despise our peeves.

Like our idiosyncrasies and eccentricities that make us so unique, we all have things that rub us the wrong way. You know, those things that other people do that are small and don't necessarily make our lives worse, but tick us off in a big way.

There is no shortage of pet peeves out there. Here are just a few:

  • people talking on their phones in a public place
  • chewing with your mouth open
  • talking during a movie
  • not thanking you when you let them cut in front of while driving
  • not using a turn signal
  • arriving late
  • correcting your grammar
  • people who say "epic"

This doesn't even scratch the surface (and, heck, maybe you're annoyed by people who say "scratch the surface") because a pet peeve can come from any part of our lives. If you want to avoid your pet peeves, you'd be advised stay home and lock yourself in your room. And even then you're bound to get annoyed by your neighbor for keeping his TV on too loud.

So, we want to know -- what is your biggest pet peeve? What is that small action that other people do that makes you want to grab them by the collar and beg them for dear life to stop doing it? You're probably getting worked up just thinking about it, but let's talk it through and maybe you'll calm down, okay?

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