Well, at least one flavor is non-dairy and you'll be able to find it at all Whitey's Ice Cream locations starting today.

For some folks ice cream can wreak havoc on your digestive system making your menu pretty limited at Whitey's. I mean you can still get Freezes', slushies, and water at their stores, but you can't really get the full taste of ice cream.

That's all changed. Now you can get Dairy- Free Chocolate Mint at all Whitey's stores starting today. You can pick up a pint or a quart too; they've already hand packed it.

According to WQAD, Whitey's co-owner had this to say.

"We know that this has been a growing trend in the ice cream industry, but we just wanted to make sure when we came out with a dairy-free flavor, we did it perfectly!” Whitey's Ice Cream Co-Owner Jeff Tunberg said. “It’s delicious –I think we hit the mark!”

Vegan fans will be happy to have this option too.

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