Has anyone else been getting Russian Spam tags on Instagram? I am so confused as to why, and how these accounts get through Instagram. They are clearly Russian scams, and shouldn't be reaching us here in the QC, and yet there are hundreds, possibly thousands of accounts tagging us in annoying posts about iPhones.

If I sound mad, it's because I am... It's hard not to get frustrated with these accounts that basically harass you, and that are clearly fake.

Source Instagram: Gale.m0if24 anthony.charles.3mh1907k
Source Instagram: Gale.m0if24 anthony.charles.3mh1907k

Nothing says legit account giving you a free iPhone 13 like terrible photoshop and a tag on Instagram. To an adult this is fake, and what truly makes me angry is knowing that these scams aren't meant to target us adults... It's the kids.

To a kid, this could be seen as real. Once they click that link they are hacked. Information is stolen, and you find yourself in a lot of potential trouble. (And with no iPhone 13.)

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It's important to keep an eye on scams and mention it to kids. Many of them are most likely aware it's a scam, but we all made mistakes as kids, and all it takes is one click on that link to have your information stolen.

A quick reminder to kids that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is. Especially with something as sketch as this. They use girls, and bright colors to grab kids' attention, and even gain trust. It's sick, and it's annoying.

Stick it to these scammers, and check-in with your kids. Also, report these dumb spam accounts when you can.

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