Before we dive into this I'd like to start off by saying I don't blame Davenport for my bad luck with tires over the last couple of years. Who knows, maybe I am just unlucky, or maybe I'm doing something wrong. After about 6 flat tires now, however, I'm noticing a trend.

This trend is not a fun one by any means.

In 2021 alone I had a total of 5 flat tires, thankfully I have only had one in 2022, but after hitting a huge pothole it reminded me of how harsh some Iowa roads are. One time I had two flat tires in the course of a week here in Davenport.

The 6 Flats

March 2021: Screw in tire

June 2021: Just deflated and fixable by myself

June 20211: Same tire flat and not fixable (I must have done something wrong, though it is very self-explanatory on how to patch a hole so who knows.)

August 2021: Nail in the tire.

November 2021: Deflated, and over the course of the year it needed to be replaced.

February 2022: ANOTHER SCREW!

Either I'm really unlucky, can't patch a tire to save my life, or someone is pranking me, but I feel as though 6 flat tires in a year is not normal at all. Before 2021 I had never even had a flat tire. It all started when I moved.

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I don't mean to blame the city I work in. I love it here, but this is getting crazy! Maybe it's due to the potholes. This is an average pothole you'd see in the city over the Summer:


There has been a lot of construction on buildings, and roads in the area, so maybe that could also be playing a role in my misfortune. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong, but I did go a decent time without any issues between November and February. I guess I just need to be more careful when I'm in Davenport.

Anything I can do to stop seeing this:


If you have any tips let me know!

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