This holiday season we want to put a spotlight on the US 104.9 van. We will be calling the van the US 104.9 sleigh this year. If you see our van driving around, snap a picture and you'll win a prize.


The Prizes

We have multiple prizes for you to win. Once you send us your picture you'll win something guaranteed. We will message what you win Some of the prizes include:

  • US 104.9 Merch
  • Concert Tickets
  • Gift Cards

How To Win

Winning is easy. All you have to do is snag a pic of the US 104.9 van and send us a picture. It can be through messenger on our app, social media, or email. Once you send us a picture we will message you back what prize you won.

All photos get a prize! Just make sure you send us the picture before December 25th. Also, make sure we receive the photo so we can give you your prize.

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More About The US 104.9 Van

Some people have called our van ugly, and I personally think it's a star! That van has gotten me to the Rustbelt hundreds of times, and I have grown to love it. That's why I think she is picture-ready, and should give out some prizes.

From Now until Christmas I'll be driving the van around, and you can snag a picture to win big! It's the US 104.9 Van... sorry... US 104.9 SLEIGH! We changed the name, but not the look.

Happy Holidays Quad Cities, and thank you from US 104.9!

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