The Quad Cities Storm has an awesome home game set for February 24th, and we want you to see them in style. US 104.9 and UScellular have your shot to win Quad Cities Storm Suite tickets. That's right, the best seats in the house could be yours.

You can win tickets live with Jake as he hangings out with UScelluar at their 2910 E 53rd street location in Davenport this Saturday. You can register to win tickets down below.

You can learn more about the Quad Cities Storm and their season so far on their website here. Now it's time to win your tickets Below!

Don't forget that these are suite tickets, giving you a truly unique way to watch an amazing game here in the Quad Cities.


As we hang out with UScelluar on Saturday, February 18th from 11 AM to 1 PM We can also see why they are so great. You can learn more here.

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We will see you this weekend! Don't forget to register to win, and to have a great time at the game, and enjoy those seats. Let me know what it was like... as always go Storm! Learn more about our friends at UScellular here.

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