It's the holiday season and US 104.9 wanted to celebrate with Santa. We asked him to come down to the studio, but it looks like he got lost. He needs your help to get back to the North Pole. If you can help, you could win tickets to every country show coming to the Quad Cities in 2023.


Yes... Jake in the Morning came up with a goofy Santa story to give us a reason to provide you with a ton of tickets, you play along with his goofy story, and you could win big.

Learn More About The Rules And Prizes Below.

The Game

Okay back to Jake's Christmas story...

We wanted to hang out with Santa here at US 104.9, but now that he's lost he is telling us stores, and buildings he is near, we will tell you the hints he gives us, and if you call in and guess that location correctly you will automatically win a gift card.

Lisa F. Young


You will also be put into a grand prize drawing with only 11 other people (the others who help Santa in the QC). One lucky winner will win a pair of tickets to every country show coming to the Quad Cities.

It's our way and Santa's way of saying thank you.


Here are the rules explained in the normal non-Christmas way.

Starting at 7 AM Jake will give you a hint about where Santa is.

At 8 AM Jake will give a final clue, and ask for caller number 9 to guess the location of Santa. You DO NOT need to go to that location.

If you are the lucky caller, you will win a gift card, and then be put into the drawing to win the concert tickets.


All winners will take home gift cards. There will be 12 winners total with one taking home the grand prize.

The country concert tickets will be for these venues only: The Vibrant Arena At The Mark, The Mississippi Valley Fair, Adler Theater, and The Rust Belt.

This list currently includes REBA, The Judds, Old Dominion, Kenny Chesney, MVF Fun Cards (Sam Hunt, Jimmie Allen) and more TBA soon!

Our grand prize winner will be picked on December 9th.

*Concert tickets for winner TBD by US 104.9.  Must be a Quad Cities concert at the Vibrant Arena, MVF, Adler Theater or Rust Belt, and include band(s)/artists that the station plays.
*Winner is responsible for picking up tickets at radio station, venue or through email based on how tickets are delivered.
*Station is not responsible if winner is unable to attend concert(s).  No other prizes will be substituted.
*Winner is responsible for any other expenses for concert.

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