Like most businesses, this amazing spot had a rough start, but over the years it has become not only a staple of its town but for the state of Wisconsin as a whole. According to Only In Your State this is a must-try spot.

For many, the fairytale setting is enough to make them love the spot, but the candy's taste truly stays with you as well. And that candy is a big reason why the spot is so iconic.

Several chocolate truffles for background image

The Candy Store

The store located in Fish Creek Wisconsin is called Door County Confectionary and you can truly see the fairytale themes. Sources say that this spot has truly grown over the last 5 decades.

The little shop has grown over the years and expanded to new locations, but it’s just as sweet as ever. Here’s what you need to know about Door County Confectionary, a great Wisconsin candy shop.

Thankfully, The shop we are focussing on can still be found in Fish Creek, although there are now other Door County locations in Sister Bay, Ephraim, and Sturgeon Bay.

Compared to 1972 this spot isn't as fairytale-like. However, you can still get your throwback candy fix and so much more.

And that’s just the start of what you’ll find in this sugary wonderland. The store also sells wrapped caramels, chocolate covered Oreos, peanut butter cups, caramel corn, English toffee, angel food, and more.

If you love candy are ever in the area in Wisconsin you can check out this iconic spot. Their website went on to state

Door County Confectionery has been serving chocolate connoisseurs like you for over 50 years. We treat our customers to mouth-watering chocolates and delicious fudge hand-made in Door County, Wisconsin. Now Door County Confectionery offers you all our special treats and gifts in a secure online shopping environment.

It's no secret that many love this spot and see it as a fairytale. Only In Your State even went on to say,

This Candy Store in Wisconsin Was Ripped Straight From The Pages Of A Fairytale. You can see your photos here now.

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