The Midwest is home to many animals who are looking for a warm place to stay this fall and winter.

Wisconsin Welcome sign at Marinette WI

Some furry freinds try to sneak into the house. While bats and birds usually go to the attic, other animals like mice might go for the walls. Others sometimes find themselves in or around the garage.

Group of Lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros)
Cucu Remus

There is another animal to keep an eye out for... Or your nose open for.

It turns out Venomous Snakes can be found in Wisconsin, and sometimes in your garage... they can also smell like cucumbers.

Venomous Snakes In Wisconsin

According to the DNR,

There are two species of rattlesnakes in Wisconsin (timber rattlesnake and eastern massasauga) although both species, especially the eastern massasauga, are very rare. But there are many non-venomous snake species that often mimic rattlesnakes. These mimics vibrate their tails when they feel threatened.

Why Snakes That Smell Like Cucumbers



Some sources claim that highly venomous snakes like rattlesnakes and copperheads smell like this vegetable. Snakes usually do this when feeling threatened. Seeing as though you can find both in Iowa it's a good idea to keep your eyes or nose open for these little guys who may be in your garage, or home.

If you do notice one of these snakes it should be noted that many are poisonous snakes and they are rapid strikers that you can’t dodge. It is best to let a professional handle them.

Other Places To Keep A Look Out For

If you also like going for walks off the normal trail keeping that scent in mind could help you tell if you accidentally got a bit too close to these snakes without knowing it. Make sure you keep your furry friends (dogs) away from the smell too.

Four happy friends enjoy a hike in a forest, California, USA

You may have also gotten a bit close to where the snakes live. Their dens really smell like cucumbers as well, so again if you're not next to a salad and you smell cucumber, you may be next to a snake. Whether you are out for a walk or in your house this time of the year, watch out for cucumbers! ( I never thought I'd say that.)

Most "Redneck" Towns In The Midwest

Since the popular Youtube channel run by Nick Johnson has made a video about almost every state when it comes to redneck towns we decided to take the number spot from each of those videos and put them in a list of the most redneck towns in the Midwest. In no particular order here are your most redneck towns.

I Turned The Quad Cities Into AI Art

To get the AI pictures all I had to do was type in the name of the city, and the state, the algorithm did the rest.

All these photos are computer generated, and at first glance, it looks pretty good... some more than others, but the longer you look the more you notice how weird each one is.

These are all 5 cities in the QC. To start I typed in "Quad Cities" to see the results

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